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The Christian Army Serves God, Our Families and Country

The Christian Army is a IRS approved 501(c)3 church founded in Arizona in 2017. We are a non-denominational religious ministry dedicated to be "active" soldiers for Christ.

God has commissioned all Christians to "go out and make disciples". Sadly, current church structures are failing at make new disciples, spreading the word of God and teaching youth about the truth of Christ.

We aim to teach the word of God truthfully, honestly and directly to a fallen world.  To accomplish our mission, we focus on three main goals. These goals include making solider for Christ, help the poor and disciple the youth.

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Soldiers For God

God has commissioned Christian's in His Army to (Mat 28: 16-20) to go out and make disciples and expand the Church. As we are called to duty in the church, God has given us the "Armor of God" (Eph 6: 10-24) to protect us in this fight. Therefore, our goal to to enlist soldiers (disciples) for God's Army (The Church) and equip them for the fight.

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Social Services

A full range of social services is one of the most important task given to Christians and the Church today. (Deut 15: 7-11) The Christian Army focus on the needs of our community by providing low to no cost Christian counseling including marriage, family, and teen counseling. In addition, we offer NA/AA and other group programs to help people within our community defeat addiction. We also provide services to the homeless and the unemployed.

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Cadet Programs

Children and teenagers are often neglected in the church today. The Christian Army Cadet Program is a structured, para-military religious education program designed to progress teens in biblical understanding, youth leadership and community service. Our program is designed to grow teens in faith while learning how to defend their Christian values.

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If you are looking for a church-ministry that makes soldiers for Christ and takes the fight to the enemy, you have found the right place