Cadet Ministry

Dedicated To Youth Ministry

The Christian Army Church is dedicated to youth ministry and discipleship. Our goal is to train boys and girls for the battles of today, tomorrow and a lifetime. 

These battles largely occur in three areas of a child’s life. First and foremost, is the schemes of the devil who works nonstop in order to tear away children from the church. Therefore, youth and teens need to be trained to counter this enemy head-on through sound biblical teaching. Secondly, society attempts to manipulate children against the church, their parents and authority figures who teach biblical wisdom in this technology driven age. Our goal is to incorporate biblical apologetics within youth ministry to give our cadets (youth ministry) the tools to counter an increasing unbiblical morality. Finally, we strive to build cadets into Christians who understands the temptation of sin, current liberal culture, and how we can avoid living a life held in bondage.