About The Christian Army

We Build Soldiers for Christ

Our church has a mission to make soldiers for Christ so they can use the full armor of God and advance the His plan for us, our families and the country.  Soldiers are called to counter evil with the overwhelming, overcoming good that flows from God’s teaching.   We have to position ourselves daily in Christ in order to have the power to “Open the eyes of the blind and release the prisoners so they can see and believe!” As good soldiers, we need to fight the space around us and create that clearing where Christ can be seen and known. Otherwise we will continue to live our lives selfishly, like someone with a cure for the disease of the masses who doesn’t have the love or mercy to share it. None of us has an excuse to just sit around and whine about the encroaching darkness. 

Biblical Literacy and Education

We are a church and non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the bible, the actual word of God. Too many Christians, regardless of denomination, are led astray from the faith because they were never taught the written word of God and how to be the solider He needs us to be. Our goal is to change this trend. Our adult members are provided college level theology training and the opportunity to put this leaning into practice through real world applications and volunteer opportunities.  Church attendance and access to a Bible alone cannot make us into what God wants us to be. To live like Christ will take a much deeper commitment to learning and living out the Scriptures.

Service to Others, Youth and Country

God calls all Christians to serve Him, our families and the community we reside. Our church firmly holds that we should serve others in need, seek to improve our community and use these opportunities for discipleship. Both the adult and youth ministry works together to serve the community through volenteer opportunities that cares for one another, restores our communities and builds discipleship and relationships with other believers.