God Ordains All Leaders, Even The President of the United States

When we rebel against the leaders of our country, we are in direct violation of God’s will.

Yesterday, it was official. Joe Biden narrowly won the 2020 Presidential election by the narrowest of margins. While good news for some, nearly half of the country is dissatisfied with the result. Many conservative Christians, like myself, have not taken the news so well and still feel shocked over the outcome.

As I scrolled down my Facebook news feed, many friends and family are downright angry. They say, “the election was rigged” and “we need to take back our country.” These are just a few sentences I can repost without reciting words that would get me in trouble or simply things not safe for children to read… or hear.

So the question remains, how are Christians to respond to these changing and challenging times for our country? Our answer, as always, leads us to the Bible, God’s divine plan for men and women to follow. More specifically, God shows us how to handle these current changes in political fortunes in Romans 13: 1-14.

Romans 13; 1-2 explains, “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.

God commands us to follow the directives of our political leaders. Yes, Joe Biden supports sinful laws such as abortion, gay rights, legalizing drug use and giving rights to the many Jezebel’s (mostly liberal women) who turn both women and men away from God’s design. Yes, Joe Biden is not an angel or on the side of morality on these issues… but neither was President Trump.

President Trump did many great things for our country and protected the rights of the faithful, the unborn, and many other policies most Christians enjoyed. Sadly, for most true Christians, President Trump was not reelected, which we must accept.

Now, this does not mean we ignore God’s law or will for our lives. We are to obey God regardless of the consequences, even in direct disobedience of state or local authorities. As written in the Bible, God’s law is far greater than the laws men have created. Therefore, we are required to disobey local and national leaders who force us to abandon our Christian faith.

If we are forced to disobey our political leaders to stay faithful to God, our actions may come at a price. The Bible is full of stories of faithful men and women who stayed true to the faith at an enormous cost. They were beaten, stoned, and run out of their homes because they followed the will of God. But our real leader is God, and we must take a stand to ensure his will, rights, and authority are first in our lives.

While the country may have a new President, as a Christian, our faithful and true leader will always be the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen