How Liberal and Progressive Christians Justify Hating President Trump?

Clearly there is something wrong with the “Left” side of God’s Church and it’s only getting worse.

As the 2020 Presidential election nears we can really see the political rift between people. Since Trump won the 2016 election, families, friends and coworkers have been at odds over supporting the current administration. Sadly, this massive split between family and friends has spilled over into the church.

Never have God’s church been so split on giving support, even prayers for the President in times of national consern. By all accounts this split in the fabric of our nation has also led to a split within the church leading to disasterious effects.

One such example of this growing rift is how the “Progressive Church” views former President Obama in relation to current President Trump. Most evangelicals on the right still remember the ungodly acts President Obama forced upon this nation while he was in office. These official acts include legalizing same sex marriage, late term abortion, and forcing taxpayers to pay for birth control against their religious beliefs.

But the worst thing liberal progressives have done in recent decades is turn the church into its own battleground. This battle is not for winning the lost, turning people toward the Lord or teaching the truth of scripture. It is how false teachers have plucked young and growing Christians from the flock and placed them in a church that is more aligned to Scientology than the teachings of Christ.

Liberal Christians have a completly distorted view of the bible because of the “modern spin” they equate with Christianity. They insist on seeing the Bible through the lense of today instead of the meaning at the time the Bible was written. Therefore, what God said was “sin” can now be turned into “love your brothers” and “don’t be judge mental because we all sin so let him/her do their own thing.”

These liberal pastors are leading new believers down the road to sin, temptation and ultimately death. However, liberal pastors and those who defend them will justify their actions through twisted scripture, modern cultural norms and the need for political correctness.

This threat to the church and true believers have been around since the formation of the first churches founded by the apostles. However, today’s false churches are far more influential with backing from many so called “civil rights leaders”.

The Bible warns us in 2Pet 2:1 that “… false profits also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers amoung you, who will secretly introduce . The will secretly bring in dangerious heresies, even denying the Master brought them, and will bring swift destruction on themselves.”

Therefore, we as a church must work harder to correct the false teaching liberal churches, pastors and reverse their congregation’s influence. When so-called professing Christians spread biblical falsehoods about key theological issues such as gay rights, divorce and the importance of living in God’s will we all become tainted with this false narrative from a social viewpoint.

However, God sees us and the truth we hold dear and our attempts to correct false teaching. If we don’t act now we will fail in the Great Commission God has given us and the mission we are to complete. If you see, whiteness come across false teaching it is our duty to correct that person or organization immediately, so help us God!