Judge Gives Defendant A Bible And Now Attacked For Her Generosity

Ungodly people often find the bible offensive and Jesus hateful. This case just proves this very important point.

In today’s age, most Christians have felt at least shunned by a coworker, family member or total stranger when they learned you are a steadfast follower of Jesus. Yes, if you have been a follower of Jesus long enough you have felt the scorn by someone at some time in our walk with God. But more powerful and influential Christians are often targeted with extreme intolerance when sharing their faith.

Last week, a Dallas judge “overstepped” when she “inappropriately” gave Amber Guyger, a convicted former Dallas cop, a Bible moments after she was sentenced to a decade in prison. A national atheist group claims the Judge crossed the line that separates “church and state”.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation alleged Dallas County Judge Tammy Kemp acted unconstitutionally at the sentencing hearing last week. The Wisconsin-based national non-profit group, which has more than 30,000 members, is now asking the commission to investigate Kemp’s “proselytizing actions,” claiming they “overstepped judicial authority.”

Judge Kemp had private conversations with both the Jean family and Guyger after the sentencing hearing, at one point offering the former cop a Bible and reading the passage John 3:16 during their four-minute exchange.

“This has been put in front of you for a reason,” the judge told Guyger. “He has a purpose for you.”

Jesus warned us of the consequences of following in His footsteps and teaching biblical truth. As Matthew 10:22 explains, “And you will be hated by all for my name’s sake.”

Let’s pray for Judge Kemp that reason would be restored in our nation and for all Christians who boldly speak truth and share the word.