Kathy Hoffman, Demands an End to “No Prom Homo” law in Arizona

Kathy Hoffman, a Democrat is the newly elected head of the Department of Education. Yesterday, she made a splash at her first news conference outlining her agenda for better teacher pay, more oversight for charter schools and additional school counselors.

Many in Arizona know Hoffman as a former teacher and “REDforEd” activist who walked off the job for better pay and personal benefits last year. However, this fact did not deter the majority of Arizona’s voters from her shady background. Hoffman is now elected to this very important position. But Arizona’s and Christians alike might already be having second thoughts about placing her into such an important office.

What many news sources overlooked and frankly failed to question in Hoffman’s first news conference was her new effort to repeal an Arizona law that makes it illegal to promote homosexual sex in the classroom. Arizona’s law, often called “no prom homo” is one designed to protect children from the normalization of homosexuality. Arizona’s law further prevents teachers from instructing students in sex education classes how homosexuals have sexual intercourse. Essentially, this law is designed to prevent homosexuality from becoming “normalized” in public education.

Hoffman was clear in her first policy statement in how she intends to include homosexual education a priority in the classroom. Azcentral.com explained Hoffman’s policy statement clearly:

“She did say that supporting students’ emotional wellbeing “also means creating an inclusive environment for children from all backgrounds,” citing the need to reduce discrimination and bullying of LGBT students. She called for legislators to repeal what she called the state’s “no promo homo” law, which bans some AIDS education because it “promotes a homosexual lifestyle.” Democrats have introduced bills for years to overturn the law, but Republican leadership never puts them up for a vote.”

However, Arizona’s “no prom homo” law is specifically designed to “protect” students from all backgrounds from being influence by the gay rights addenda.

Arizona along with seven other states prohibit or limit the mention or discussion of homosexuality and transgender identity in public schools. In theory, these laws mainly apply to sex education courses, but they can also be applied to other parts of the school curriculum such as biology, family studies and social science classes. This restriction also applies to extracurricular activities and organizations that limit gay rights political activity on campus.

As Christians and taxpayers, we should be appalled that our elected leaders would introduce, even impose sin within our children’s classroom. Our children are already bombarded with anti-Christian images, teaching and social philosophy that counters God’s teaching in most schools. If this law is repealed, our children would be forced to learn about the inner workings of the gay lifestyle which the school, by default, would be passively, if not actively promoting.

God’s word says, ” This is why God delivered them over to degrading passions. For even their females exchanged natural relations with females and were inflamed in their lust for one another. Males committed shameless acts with males and received in their own persons the appropriate penalty of their error. (Rom 1:26-27) 

We are also reminded in 1 Corinthians 6:9 that, “Don’t you know the unrighteous will not inherit God’s kingdom? Do not be deceived: No sexually immoral people, idolaters, adulterers or anyone practicing homosexuality… ”

As Christian parents, we must push back against this attempt to bring homosexual education into our children’s classroom. Your might wonder, “How can we stop Ms. Hoffman from exposing our children to the homosexual lifestyle?” Its simple, we write, we call and demand she not force this sin on our children!

Please stand with us and tell Kathy Hoffman that the current “No Prom Homo” law is needed to protect our children must remain in place.

Kathy Hoffman’s contact information is below.

Attn: Superintendent Kathy Hoffman
1535 West Jefferson Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007