Cadets are trained to be soldiers for Christ and to take leadership within their peer groups and the Church!

Equipping Teens For Today’s Anti-Christian Society

Cadets are no longer spectators in youth ministry but active participants. They will be given the knowledge and tools to lead peers and teach the word of God. He or she actively learns the Word of God and examines how to live as a Christian.   

Youth Leadership is Stressed

Young Christians in today’s church need to become leaders within their peer groups. When a Christian teen has been in the program for six months or more, they should have the ability to lead other peers in Bible study, Christian outreach programs, (food drives, elderly assistance, etc.) and assist with church ministry. Not to mention the need to grow and develop strong leaders in the church for the future of God’s kingdom.

Youth Discipleship

Every Cadet is taught how to Disciple to others in their peer group. Far too often, Christian teens are fearful of sharing their faith in school, college and other public areas. We equip Cadets to not only help other teens struggling with growing up, depression and peer pressure, but how to turn these struggling young adults into the Church for guidance.