Three Goals of Our Cadet Ministry

Biblical Literacy and Apologetic Education For Youth is Stressed From Day One!

Soldiers of God know who our leader is, Jesus and is orders are clearly written in the Bible.

The Christian Army Cadet Ministry requires male and female cadets (12-18) to study the Bible as if it was a required class for high school graduation. In every cadet meeting, approximately 45-50 minutes is dedicated to deep understanding of the Old and New Testament using up to date curricula, youth bibles and study guides. Homework is required including on-line seminars, textbook work and bible reading for promotion opportunities. 

Cadets Engage In Real Ministry Opportunities with Youth and Adults

The Army Cadet ministry requires male and female cadets to interact with members of the community to evangelize, share their testimony and support our community service programs. Being a Christian is more than showing up to church on Sundays. It’s about living a life full in the Spirit, practicing basic Christian principals and working to help others through faith. Learning the skills of the Christian life builds a teen’s character, formulate moral development and enhances a child’s understanding of his or her place in God’s world helps them to be a faithful steward.

Cadets Are Equipped to Use Apologetics to Fight against the Secular Worldview

Today’s young Christians are under constant attack from the left leaning politics and culture wars playing out in our schools. But we do have the ability to equip our children to face society and their peers by giving them the information to defend their faith. Our Cadets are presented with study tools that promote their growth and designed for parent participation. Secondly,  we create opportunities for youth to share their testimony, their relationship with God and pratice the lessons they have learned. Third, our religious educators are equipped to guide students to biblical truth when they have trouble or struggle in an area of faith. Finally, we tackle the culture head on by brining cadets into the fight with us. They learn to fight the culture wars with us by using our example by speaking out on abortion, teen drug abuse and many more issues. We fight the secular world with biblical facts and Christian action.