Toddlers Taught The Ways of Jezebel Before They Enter Kindergarten

The drive to indoctrinate young girls into feminist ideology is in hyperdrive!

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I took our son to Barns and Noble to look at some new books. As a family, we enjoy going to bookstores with our four-year-old because he gets so much joy in learning and looking at cool dinosaur books.

As my family and I were browsing the children’s section, we came across a book titled “Baby Feminist Too.” Out of curiosity, I open the book and scrolled through the pages to see how “a baby can become a feminist.” Out of curiosity, I flipped through the book’s pages while my son and wife looked at more appropriate titles.

Feminist indoctrination in the toddler section of Barns and Nobel

As a Christian father who already his one and only daughter to the philosophy of feminism, I know the power this Godless philosophy has on the young. I flipped through the toddler book and was very disturbed by this short book of feminist indoctrination. 

One of the most shocking parts of the book was the wording itself. As the picture below indicates, the phrase “your body, your choices” sounds like the abortion activist’s slogan linked to Planned Parenthood. As the picture indicates, this slogan is applied to other daily living aspects and not just abortion. Therefore, it makes this slogan more normalized and less abrasive than the slaughter of innocent infants.

“Your body, your choice”, slogan from Planned Parenthood

God does not give women the right to murder their unborn children. Murder or abortion is a grave sin, a deep sin in the eyes of God. The act of murdering another was one of the first major sins (Gen 4: 1-16), forbidden in the ten commandments (Exod 20:13) and forbidden by Jesus (Mat 19:18). A child in the womb is fully formed in just six weeks. Aborting any child is destroying a child’s body, which the mother has no right to do. The mother must face the consequences for her action and carry the child through to term. This book eludes women can escape natural consequences for her action by simply murdering her child.  

On the next page, the author tells little girls they can wear what they want to wear. According to this feminist book, little girls can wear boys’ clothes, revealing clothes, and even cross-dress if they choose to do so. Jezebel is at work here. Women are to dress modestly and not expose too much skin or leave themselves exposed. Women in today’s society love attention. Many want to focus attention on themselves because of the high that comes from being wanted. But God expects women to dress modestly in public (1 Tim 2:9-10).

Voting for the rights of one sex does nothing for the protection for everyone in society. Feminism is evil and one-sided.

The last picture I took in the book is self-explanatory. It shows young women voting for the needs and wants of young women only. Voting for men or children’s needs is not in the realm of feminist philosophy because women are all that matter. All laws and policies should benefit women to lead the world while children and especially men, need to take a back seat.

Many Christians know, feminism is the gateway to Jezebel’s ideology and leaves the door open for attack by the enemy, the Devil himself. For young, impressionable women, feminism seems to be the answer to all their worries and concerns in modern life, tossing away with the concepts of true womanhood and motherhood with one blow.  Spiritual warfare against young women is real, and all forms of feminism are the Devil’s work. He knows how to fight spiritual warfare and is doing a masterful job, thanks to many misinformed secular and a few liberal-Christian women.  

Please prey for our country and the young women being misled by both feminist and liberal lies.