When Children Disrespect Adults, Parents Are to Blame

Children in America today have little to no respect for their teachers, people in authority or other adults. Sadly, parents cannot or will not discipline their own children. This has to stop and stop now!

If you have a child or teen living in your house today, it would be hard for a day to go by without noticing some level of anti-authority sentiment coming from your child. Sadly, this sense that children have lost respect for adults is nothing new.

Parents from every generation have said at one time or another their children lack discipline and respect for authority. But today seems and feels different. Today, children lack of respect for authority figures, especially adults, is everywhere in society and our children Are taking this lesson to heart.

The journal “Psychology Today” has also found the level of disrespect children give to adults is sharp lying rising to troubling levels. Riggio wrote about his wife’s experience as an elementary school teacher and the discipline problems she has experienced over the course of just one week. Riggio’s wife explained,

Students who are disruptive are seated at a desk in the back of the room for a timeout for a short while. At the end of the day, the teacher found the words “F*ck you teacher” written on the desk. Of course, the child denied it, parents were called, and the parents immediately came to the defense of their child. “He would never do that!” “He doesn’t even know how to spell that word!” Yesterday, my wife reprimanded a child on the playground. As she turned her back, the child said, “I want to kill that teacher.” Sent to the office, the child’s parents were called, but nothing really happened. No real corrective action was taken. A couple of days ago, a child on the playground was reprimanded, flipped off the teacher and ran off the school grounds and had to be corralled by the local police. All of these children are not unruly teenagers, or even pre-teens, but 7-year-olds. And, this is a school in an affluent, upper-middle class neighborhood. As my wife said, “none of this happened a decade ago.”

So what is the root cause of today’s children running wild in school, at home and even in church? According to the above mentioned article, “it’s a combination of parenting that doesn’t enforce respect for others in their kids, and media and culture that encourages disrespectful behavior “

In this case, I can agree with this secular writer on this point. However, how do we as Christians solve children’s behavior problems today? As any Bible believing Christian should, we will examine the Bible to get at the difinative answer.

According to the Bible, parents have a duty to discipline their children. The Bible teaches, “A youngster’s heart is filled with foolishness, but physical discipline will drive it far away.” (Prov 22:15) The Bible also says, “Don’t fail to discipline your children. The rod of punishment won’t kill them.” (Prov 23:13)

Now in today’s society, spanking children is found upon and in some states illegal. However, that should not stop us from fulfilling our Godly mandate to parent our children correctly and through the word of God.

Nevertheless, we should not use the ”rod” except in extreme cases. First, we can restrict privileges, take away toys, cell phones, driving privileges, games and even their bedroom door to discipline a youth or teen. Usually, this is enough to break a child’s will to disobey both a parent, another adult or an authority figure.

However, if taking away privileges is not enough then we are left with the ultimate in punishment. Yes, parents must apply God’s wisdom and spank them with enough force to make them obey, respect and respond to your authority. Without discipline, today’s children will continue to run all over our schools, our public places and even control their own parents. It’s time for all of us to apply God’s wisdom and make corporal punishment a staple for misbehaving children until they get the lesson of their misdeeds.