Why Jussie Smollett’s Story is an Attack on Conservative Christians

The LGBT community and liberal media used Smollett’s story to slander Christians with impunity.

On January 29th, Jussie Smollet an actor on the show “Empire”, reported that he was a victim of a horrific hate crime. Like any victim, Smollett reported the incident to Chicago police that he was assaulted because he was both black and gay. Smollett reported the following facts to local police according to NBC News, “Two masked white men hurled racist and homophobic slurs before beating him. The actor… also said his attackers poured what he believed was bleach over him and put a noose around his neck.” He implied that white Christian trump supporters were to blame for this shocking hate crime.

Today, the horrific case of Jussie Smollett began to unravel as fast as the media rushed to post the story. Earlier today police learned that the two men who allegedly beat Smollett were both black and close associates of Mr. Smollett. Chicago PD learned that the two men were paid by Smollett to attack him. The bought and paid for assault created minor injuries to add credibility of this salacious hate crime.

Thankfully, the entire story appears to be a lie. However, the media smear campaign against Christians and supporters of President Trump were in full swing. Media reports turned Christian into public enemy number one and outlets like CNN and NBC milked the story for all its worth. To add insult to the Christian church, liberals, blacks and progressive organizations labeled Christians and Trump supporters as bigots full of “white christian privilege”. Yes, most mainstream media outlets labeled Christians as bigots based on this case.

Jussie Smollett crying after telling his story of abuse on ABC

Sadly, left wing progressives across the country pounced on Christian teaching as a form of hate. One such shocking example of progressive and gay rights hate of Christians comes from the online progressive-Christian blog called “Patheos”. \

Dr. Sam Klines explains his view of the bible believing, white conservative church,

If you are a White Republican, you might not physically attack a gay Black man, but if you attend a church that teaches a loving God mass-murders of gay people to make the world great, you pave the way for such things. It is one of the reasons why I walked away from such madness. I could no longer accept or tolerate the teaching that a loving God required me to hate. Perhaps more churches need to change their religious iconography to reflect the true state of their beliefs: “Exchange the image of White Jesus on a cross with a hanging Black man, and we have the ultimate sacrifice for White Christian privilege.”

Dr. Kline, a self described “progressive Christian” clearly did not get his money’s worth when they taught theology at his college. Nevertheless, liberal hate for true Christianity has really come to light in recent days. Although the LGBT community and liberal organizations label Christians as “hateful”, the true hate coming from individuals like Smollett, Dr. Kline and mainstream media.

Liberals in the media hope, even pray that Smollett was telling the truth… even after it was learned the basic facts of his story just don’t add up.

LZ Granderson of CNN confirms their hope that they can blame Christians for this horrible crime.

I continue to hold a sliver of hope that the dots that continue to feel so far apart will eventually connect and the picture before us will show he was telling the truth all along. I hold hope that those faint whispers that began almost as quickly as the story made its way across the networks will be silenced, that Smollett will be vindicated. And the people who took to social media to demand justice for him will not be left to look like fools.At a time in which stories of discrimination are met with a disturbing amount of cynicism, the last thing anyone who is a champion of equality wants to see is an openly gay black man give birth to a “fake news” poster child.

As Christians, we are continually under attack in America for the alleged actions of others or simply false story lines the media pushes. The bible tells us not to hate those who persecute us because God will judge the wicked. We are to prey for them and hope they will turn and face God and come to his truth. (Ps 29:10) Yes, we should pray for Smollett that he will let go of his hate for us and turn away from the gay lifestyle.

Regardless, we must always teach God’s truth and not give into mainstream media or progressive’s lies. Our stance for the truth will require us to put our faith to the test like Jeremiah did. When he taught the truth that the leaders of the world did not like, he was beaten and thrown in prison. (Jem 20:1-2)

Smollett’s behavior should teach us a lesson on how we should live today. We must always defend the faith, push back against the anti-Christian media and call the gay lifestyle like it is, sin and just plain wrong. As Christians, we must live to please God and not to fit into the box liberals want us to fit. In the end, our lives will be fulfilled in God’s glory and not filled with hate as the media preaches.